APS Structured Cabling Systems Warranty

The 25-years System Warranty

The APS System Warranty assures the end user that their certified network complies with the applicable performance standards over the 25-years period.
The APS Extended System Warranty is only available when the system is designed, supplied and installed by an accredited APS Solutions Partner or supplied and installed by an accredited APS Cabling Partner.
It is the responsibility of the APS Partner to make sure that the end user is aware of the terms and conditions of the system warranty.

How to qualify for the system warranty?

To qualify for the warranty the network must be made up entirely of APS Permanent Link products or approved partner products, which must be new at the time of installation. Also, all permanent links must be installed and tested after APS guidelines and the applicable standards.
Once the testing of the network has been done the APS Partner will apply for the 25-years warranty by submitting the documents required to the know APS representative within 60 days from the completion of the tests. APS technical staff and testing supervisor will evaluate the application and, when accepted, the warranty certificate will be issued.
Should the application be complete with all the requested we will issue the warranty certificate within 7 days since when the application is received. The certificate will be emailed to the addresses provided by the applicant.
All information supplied to APS must be accurate and true. Should it become known that falsified information has been supplied the warranty shall be void and the network owner notified that the warranty certificate is withdrawn.

What does the warranty cover?

The APS 25-years system warranty covers the performance of both APS fibre and/or copper links, from patch panel to outlet and/or patch panel to patch panel. The warranty applies to both the single components and network applications.
In details, the following are covered for both Copper and Fibre:
• Permanent links and Channels Patch Panel to Outlet
• Permanent links and Channels Patch Panel to Patch Panel
• Backbone links (Patch Panel to Patch Panel)
• Consolidation Points Cables
• Floor Standing Cabinets
• MPO Optical Fibre installations (Test in accordance with the details of the Fibre Optic Links section below)
If the end user or the APS Partner do not pay in full for the goods supplied under the warranty in accordance with terms, the warranty will become null and void. In the event that this occurs APS will notify the end user as quickly as possible.

What doesn’t the warranty cover?

The warranty does not cover…
• Accidental or malicious damage to the installed components or links by individuals.
• Damage caused by external circumstances beyond control.
• Permanent links for which compliant test results were not supplied at the time of application.
• Permanent links which have been subject of any kind of work after the certified installation.
• Permanent links whose performance has been affected by direct and/or indirect works or handling or equivalent.
• Any kind of PDUs (the warranty is for 2 years)

What to do in case of a problem?

In case of a problem with a certified installation, the end user should contact the APS Partner who installed the system. The APS partner will have to visit the site and check the installation to establish the problem and, possibly, its cause. The APS Partner shall promptly notify the APS representatives and/or technical staff.
APS reserve the right to require the installer to perform specific tests, to visit the site ourselves, to request the return of suspected faulty product or other samples of the network components. Failure to comply with these requirements may, at APS discretion, invalidate the claim.
Following to our evaluation, should we find that any of our product covered by a certified warranty is faulty, we will request the APS Partner to supply a replacement product without any cost for the customer.
APS Cabling Partners will claim the value of faulty product from APS.
Beside the value of the faulty products APS Solutions Partners are also eligible to claim from APS the value of the work done to rectify the problem. Work is compensated on the basis of working hours at the rate agreed in the APS Partner agreement.
Should the APS Partner be no longer in business or no longer available to perform the job, the network owner or the end user should contact APS’ sales or technical team for assistance. Full details of the problem will be requested. APS directly or any available APS Partner will provide needed assistance and will ensure the performance of the certified network is restored to the standard.
APS reserves the right to charge traveling expenses and working hours at the normal rates to the network owner or the end user, depending who has been calling APS for assistance, in case an engineer is sent to the site and it is found that the network or products are not faulty.

Detailed application process

To apply for APS system warranty is an easy process.
While we are implementing the on-line application the accredited APS Partner will need to fill up the standard application forms. Here are the steps to follow:

Step one – a quick check on the status of our Partnership

Verify that you are an accredited APS Partner and that your Partnership Certificate is still valid.
If you are not an APS Partner please fill Form A1 and supply to your sales representative for your application to be evaluated.
If your APS Partner Certificate is expired please contact your sales representative or the technical staff for a renewal.

Step two – who’s installing and who owns the network

Fill up Form B1a.
This form provides APS with the information of the Partner who is installing the network and about the network owner who is receiving the warranty certificate.

Step three – details of the links and tester

Fill up Form B1b.

This form provides APS with overall information about the links composing the network and the equipment used to test the links.

Should a network be made up of only one type of cabling, for example Category 6A F/UTP based on a 4 pairs PVC cable, and the amount of links is 100, the information to be supplied is the following.

Link type No.of links
Category 6A F/UTP, 4 pairs cable PVC      100

Should a network be made up of more than just one type of cabling, for example Category 6A U/FTP based on a 4 pairs PVC cable and Fiber Optic OM3 based on 4 fibers cable, and the amount of links is 100 for the former and 20 for the latter, the information to be supplied is the following.

Link type No.of links
Category 6A F/UTP, 4 pairs cable PVC      100
OM3, 4 cores cable PVC       20

The tester used must have been calibrated within the last 12 months. The certificate of calibration must be provided along with the application.

Step four – details of the products

To fill up Form B2a is mandatory for cables, connectors and panels, optional for all other items. The System Warranty will apply to the items included in the list only.

For copper networks : Part Number and the overall quantity of installed cables, jacks/connectors and panels is the minimum information that must be provided. For example, in the case of a copper Category 6A F/UTP network based on 20 000 meters of a 4 pairs PVC cable type DCC6AFTP4PV and 650 keystone jacks type KJ6ASTPNY and 15 panels type PPE24SU, the minimum information to be supplied is the following.

APS Products – BOM
P/N Q.ty P/N Q.ty P/N Q.ty
DCC6AFTP4PV 20 000m
KJ6ASTPNY 650 pcs
PPE24SU 15 pcs
Patchcords Optional        
Faceplates Optional        

For fiber optic networks : Part Number and the overall quantity of installed cables, pigtails, termination connectors and panels is the minimum information that must be provided. For example, in the case of a OM3 network based on 10 000 meters of a 4 cores cable type FTMS04M3 and 1500 pigtails type PTOM3SCU15 and 35 panels type ODF124SCS, the minimum information to be supplied is the following.

APS Products – BOM
P/N Q.ty P/N Q.ty P/N Q.ty
FTMS04M3 10 000m
PTOM3SCU15 1500 pcs
ODF124SCS 35 pcs
Patchcords Optional        
Adapters Optional        
Step five – the reports of the tests

This is an essential part of the information when applying for the system warranty. It must be the original report as created by the software of the equipment used and it must be supplied as a PDF file. The report must prove the compliance of the testing methods to the applicable standard and it needs to include at list the following:
– Summary of the links tested.
– 1-page test report for each single link with all the performances tested.

Step six – delivery of the applications

To sum up, the following needs to be supplied to your APS representative:
Form B1a
Form B1b
Form B2a
Tests Reports
The information can be delivered either by email or by sharing services (preferred www.wetransfer.com, DropBox, Google Drive) or by post or courier.
If you are delivering by post or courier please check the delivery address with your APS representatives. Costs are at APS Partner’s charge. Please note that the results on CD/DVD/Memory Stick will not be returned; we recommend the installer to keep a copy for their own records.

Step seven – Verification and Warranty Certificate

APS will confirm receipt of the application promptly and will verify its content in typically 5 to 10 working days.
In case the application is approved APS will notify the Partner by email and the Warranty Certificate being sent along as a PDF attachment.
In case the application cannot be processed because of missing or faulty or unreadable information or any other reason APS will notify the Partner by email with the relevant comments. The Partner will then be able to react so as to bring the warranty to completion.