YSLYCY-JZ, YSLYCY-OZ control cables, screened, PVC/PVC, 300/500V

Flex, PVC insulated and sheathed, screened, flame retardant.
YSLYCY-xZ, 20.02.2024 rev.1
.01.2023 rev.0



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Temperature range

Storage: -10 to +50 °C
Installation: -5 to +30 °C
Operation (static):
-40 to +80 °C, minimun bend 6 x O.D.

Operation (occasional bending): -5 to +70 °C, minimum bend 15 x O.D.

Standard of reference 

VDE 0207-303-7, VDE 819-102 (TM54), EN 60811-1-4, VDE 0472 part 804, IEC60332-1-2.



Conductor material: Copper conductor, bare, flexible (acc. to VDE 0295 class 5 and IEC 228 class 5)
Insulation: PVC compound (type TI2 acc. to HD 21.1)
Colour code:
OZ – black cores with imprinted digits, no green and yellow protective conductor
– black cores with imprinted digits, green and yellow protective conductor

Stranding method:  cores stranded in layers, with optimum lay lengths
Inner sheath:
PVC compound (type MI2 acc. to HD 21.1), colour RAL7001
tinned copper wire braid, coverage 70% 
Outer sheath:
PVC compound (type MI2 acc. to HD 21.1), colour RAL7001

Marking: APS Finland – ww/yy – C-FLEX cable type – 300/500V +80°C – VDE 0472  IEC60332-1-2 – P/N – lot# + meter


Environmental properties and Fire Performances

Flame retardant: Test method B according to VDE 0472 part 804 and IEC60332-1-2
European Directive Compliance: EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2)



Electrical characteristics

Rated Voltage: 300/500 V
Test voltage:  3000V
Max conductor temperature: +70℃ during operation, +150°C in the case of a short circuit
Min. insulation resistance: 20 MΩOhm x km
Breakdown voltage: Min.6000 V 


Ordering and delivery information

Cable typePart numberSTK no.Outer diameter (mm)Conductor resistance (Ohm/km)Approx. weight (kg/km)Retail packaging (length)Retail packaging (size)
YSLYCY-_Z 4x0.5YSLYCYxZ04057.639116Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 5x0.5YSLYCYxZ05058.139139Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 3x0.75YSLYCYxZ030757.726145Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 4x0.75YSLYCYxZ040758.226163Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 5x0.75YSLYCYxZ050759.426183Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 7x0.75YSLYCYxZ070759.626233Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 12x0.75YSLYCYxZ1207512.526384Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 18x0.75YSLYCYxZ1807514.126492Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 25x0.75YSLYCYxZ2507516.126671Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 3x1.0YSLYCYxZ03108.319.5156Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 4x1.0YSLYCYxZ04108.619.5178Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 5x1.0YSLYCYxZ05109.319.5209Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 7x1.0YSLYCYxZ071010.119.5255Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 12x1.0YSLYCYxZ121013.019.5426Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 18x1.0YSLYCYxZ181014.919.5552Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 25x1.0YSLYCYxZ251017.219.5766Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 3x1.5YSLYCYxZ03159.113.3200Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 4x1.5YSLYCYxZ04159.613.3247Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 5x1.5YSLYCYxZ051510.613.3304Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 7x1.5YSLYCYxZ071511.513.3393Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 12x1.5YSLYCYxZ121514.813.3615Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 18x1.5YSLYCYxZ181517.213.3793Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 25x1.5YSLYCYxZ251520.813.31116Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 3x2.5YSLYCYxZ032510.67.98211Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 4x2.5YSLYCYxZ042511.87.98298Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 5x2.5YSLYCYxZ052512.97.98326Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 7x2.5YSLYCYxZ072514.07.98498Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 12x2.5YSLYCYxZ122518.07.98796Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 18x2.5YSLYCYxZ182521.47.981080Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 25x2.5YSLYCYx252524.77.981320Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 4x4.0YSLYCYxZ044013.44.95351Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 5x4.0YSLYCYxZ054014.64.95480Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 3x6.0YSLYCYxZ046014.03.3415Drum 500m (+-5%)
YSLYCY-_Z 4x6.0YSLYCYxZ056015.43.3553Drum 500m (+-5%)

x = type (use J for JZ, O for OZ)



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