SIHSTH Fire Resistant Halogen Free cables 0.6/1kV, Cl.1

Fire resistant, flame retardant, screened, 0.6/1kV. 
SIHSTH1, Rev.00, Date 2023-08-25 

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Indoor fire alarm systems that transmits signal and data between control panels, dedectors , buttons and area control modules.

Standards of reference 

TS 13755, EN 60228, EN 50290-2-26, EN 50290-2-27

Installation Features

Store at  -0 to +70 °C
Install at  -0 to +50 °C – Bend minimum: 12 times O.D.
Operate at : -30 to +70 °C – Bend minimum: 10 times O.D.



Conductor : Plain solid copper wire IEC 60228; DIN VDE 0295 class 1
Insulation : Silicone ceramic compound
Colour code : HD 308 – Blue, Brown, Black, Grey, G/Y
Stranding: Cores stranded 
 PES tape

Screening: aluminium Foil + 7×0,30 mm Tinned copper (0,50 mm2) drain wire
Outer jacket: orange HFFR (LSZH) compound. Other colours available upon request.
Marking : APS Finland – P/N – SIH(St)H cores x size – Class 1 0.6/1kV +70°C – HFFR IEC60331 – Lot no – WW/YY – xxx m


Environmental properties and Fire Performances

RoHS: 2011/65/EU
EC 1907/2006
Flame retardant: EN 60332-1-2
Fire resistant (continuity integrity): IEC60331-23 

Halogen acid gas content: EN 60754-1 (LSZH)
Determination of acidity and conductivity: EN 60754-2 (LSZH)
Smoke density: EN 61034-2 (LSZH)



Electrical characteristics

Working voltage : 0.6/1kV
Insulation resistance: min. 200 MΩkm
Conductor resistance: 7.41 Ω/km (2.5mm)
Conductor resistance: 4.61 Ω/km (4.50mm)

Ordering and delivery information

Part numberDesignNominal outer diameter (mm)Copper weight (kg/km)Nominal cable weight (kg/km)
3 x 2.5 mm12.271.0215.0
SIHSTH14254 x 2.5 mm13.293.1270.0
SIHSTH1444 x 4.0 mm14.2142.9335.0





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