SFP Transceiver 155Mb/s, 2-120km, 1310/1550nm

SFPT155 Rev.00, Date 2018-08-09

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  • Up to 155Mb/s Data LinksHot-Pluggable
  • Duplex LC connector
  • Transmissio distance up to 20km on 9/125μm SMF
  • 1310nm FP laser transmitter
  • Single +3.3V Power Supply
  • Monitoring Interface Compliant with SFF-8472
  • Maximum Power <1W
  • Duplex LC interface 



Standards of reference and applications

  • xWDM,
  • Ethernet
  • Metro Network
  • Wireless and Transmission network



Absolute maximum ratings

Storage TemperatureT S-4085°C
Supply VoltageV CC-0.54V
R elative HumidityRH085%

Recommended Operating Environment


ParameterType SymbolMin.Max.Unit
Operating temperatureIndustrialTc-40+85°C
Operating temperatureExtendedTc-5+85°C
Operating temperatureCommercialTc0+70°C
Supply voltage Vcc3.1353.465V
Supply CurrentIcc300mA
Inrush CurrentI surgeIcc+30mA
Maximum PowerP max1W

Electrical characteristics

Electrical Characteristics(T OP = -40 to 85 ° C, VCC = 3.135 to 3.465 Volts)
Transmitter Section:
Input differential impedanceR in90100110-
Single ended data input swingV in PP2501200mVp-p-
Transmit Disable VoltageV DVcc – 1.3VccV2
Transmit Enable VoltageV ENVeeVee+ 0.8V-
Transmit Disable Assert TimeT dassert10us-
Receiver Section:
Single ended data output swingVout,pp300800mv3
Data output rise timet r500ps4
Data output fall timet f500ps4
LOS FaultV losfaultVcc – 0.5V CC_hostV5
LOS NormalV los normV eeV ee +0.5V5
Power Supply RejectionPSR100mVpp6


1. AC coupled.
2. Or open circuit.
3. Into 100 ohm differential termination.
4. 20 – 80 %
5. LOS is LVTTL. Logic 0 indicates normal operation; logic 1 indicates no signal detected.
6. All transceiver specifications are compliant with a power supply sinusoidal modulation of 20 Hz to 1.5MHz up to specified value applied through the power supply filtering network shown on page 23 of the Small Form factor Pluggable (SFP) Transceiver Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), September 14, 2000.




Optical Parameters(TOP = -40 to 85ÆC, VCC = 3.135 to 3.465 Volts)

Transmitter Section:
Spectral Widthσ--1.1.1970nm-
Optical Output PowerP out-15--8dBm1
Optical Rise/Fall Timet r / t f--500ps2
Extinction RatioER1.1.1970--dB-
Generated Jitter (peak to peak)J TX p-p--1.1.1970UI3
Generated Jitter (rms)J TX rms--1.1.1970UI3
Eye Mask for Optical OutputCompliant with G.957(class 1 laser safety)-
Receiver Section:
Optical Input Wavelengthλ c1260-1600nm-
Receiver OverloadP ol-8--dBm4
RX SensitivitySen---34dBm4
RX_LOS AssertLOS A-45--dBm-
RX_LOS De-assertLOS D---35dBm-
RX_LOS HysteresisLOS H1.1.1970--dB-
General Specifications:
Data RateBR-155-Mb/s-
Bit Error RateBER--10-12--
Max. Supported Link Length on 9/125μm SMF@155Mb/sL MAX-20-km-
Total System BudgetLB19--dB-


1. The optical power is launched into SMF.
2. 20-80%.
3. Jitter measurements taken using Agilent OMNIBERT 718 in accordance with GR-253.
4. Measured with PRBS 27-1 at 10-12 BER






Ordering and delivery information

TypeDistanceData RateWavelengthFiber ConnectorTemperature
SFPT13155LD22km155 Mb/s1310nmSMFDuplex LC0 ~ 70°C
SFPT13155LD1010km155 Mb/s1310nmSMFDuplex LC0 ~ 70°C
SFPT13155LD2020km155 Mb/s1310nmSMFDuplex LC0 ~ 70°C
SFPT13155LD4040km155 Mb/s1310nmSMFDuplex LC0 ~ 70°C
SFPT13155LD8080Km155 Mb/s1310nmSMFDuplex LC0 ~ 70°C
SFPT13155LD100120km155 Mb/s1310nmSMFDuplex LC0 ~ 70°C




Extended System Warranty

The APS System Warranty assures the compliance of the system performance to the applicable class of cabling for a period of 25 years. The warranty may be applied for by an accredited APS Partner who has designed and/or installed the entire system.



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