Sensor cable 3×0.75mm2 PVC/PVC, screened, hydrocarbon resistant

PVC insulated and sheathed, overall screened, IEC 60227
Rev. 00 – 23.09.2023 



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Store at: 0 to +50 °C
Install at: 0 to +50 °CBend minimum: 10 times V.D.
Operate at: -20 to +70 °CBend minimum: 15 times V.D.

Standard of reference 

IEC 60227



Conductor material: Bare copper stranded conductors 24/0.20 (20AWG, diam. 1.1mm)
Insulation: PVC R2 acc. to CEI 20-11 (nom. radial thickness 0.54mm)
Core identification: 
Black (each numbered)
Pairing: Cores twisted into a compact core (twisting 1×3, lay pitch 76mm)
Overall screen:
Aluminium polyester tape with tinned copper drain wire 7/0.30 mm
Outer Sheath: PVC RZ FR compound, hydrocarbon resistant (nom. thickness 0.80mm, nom. outer diameter 6.30 mm)
Outer sheath colour:
Blue (or on request)

Marking: APS Finland – ww/yy – SENSOR CABLE 3×0.75 mm2 – PVC RZ FR EN60227 – P/N – lot# + meter


Environmental characteristics

Hydrocarbon resistant


Electrical characteristics

Insulation resistance:1400 MOhm/km
Conductor resistance:
25 ohm/km
Drain wire resistance:15 ohm/km
Capacitance: 0.13 μF/km (130 pF/m)
Inductance: 0.65 mH/km (0.65 μH/
LR ratio : 17 μH/Ohm
Voltage core-to-core : 500
Voltage core-to-screen : 500
Voltage earth-to-core : 500
Voltage test : 1 kV/1 minute


Ordering and delivery information

Part number: SC23RR3075S
Delivery length: 500m or 1000m (tol. 5%)



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