SCS6U Cable Extension, unscreened, Category 6, Tool-less, 180 degrees

Cable Extension, unscreened, toolless, SCS6U
AKJ6U, Rev.01/MS, Date 2020-10-2


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Standards of reference and applications

Category 6 (channel)
ISO/IEC 11801 Class E (channel)
UL 1863
IEC 60512-99-002

1000BASE‐T Gigabit Ethernet
100BASE‐TX Fast Ethernet
10 Base‐T Ethernet
622Mbps ATM , 155Mbps ATM



Clear IDC termination colour coding
Wiring T568B

Suitable for unscreened cables


Installation Features

Environment: office, residential, indoor use.
Store at 
-0 to +70 °C

Install at  -0 to +70 °C
Operate at : -0 to +70 °C

Download installation instructions.


Dimensions: 49,9 x 26,0 x 30,0 mm
Housing:  High-impact Flame Retardant Polycarbonate, UL94V-0
Spring Wire:  Zinc alloy, screened
IDC Contacts:  100μmTin-plated Phosphor Bronze
Insertion life:  ≥1000 mating cycles 
Cable conductor:  22-24 AWG
Wire Scheme :  T568B 
Round cable outer diameter :  5.0 – 8.0 mm
Flat cable outer diameter :  NO
Tool :  included

Electric characteristics

Insulation Resistance :  500 MΩ min. @100 VDC
Dielectric Strength : 1000 VDC/VAC, @60Hz, 1 min.

Ordering and delivery information

P/NRetail PackagingWholesale PackagingElectric NumberGTIN
AKJ6U1 pcs
200x125x30 mm
0,60 kg
30 pcs/box
248x188x209 mm
1,5 kg
72 493 276410072493275

Recommended connectivity

APSSystem warranty
Installation tool (110-slot,
IMP11072 475 90IMP11072 475 90not included
Indoor Cable U/UTP
Cat.6 4PR HF 305M Dca
W5UX042M0S3002 103 00K6U4E302 070 23included
Indoor Cable U/UTP
Cat.6 4PR HF 500M Dca
W5UX042M0B5002 078 01K6U4E502 070 24included
Indoor Cable U/UTP
Cat.6 2X4PR HF 305M Dca
W5UX08TM0B5002 103 18K6U8E502 070 26included
Hybrid Cable U/UTP Cat6 4PR
HF + 4xOS2 500M Dca
SCA34642A002 078 04KH64D502 073 12included
Hybrid Cable U/UTP Cat6 4PR
HF + 4xOS2 500M Cca
SCA34642A0CCA02 331 00--included
Indoor/Outdoor Cable U/UTP
Cat.6 4PR LSZH/PE 500M
W5UX042WEB5002 103 17--included
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