SCS6AS RJ45 Keystone jack, Screened, Category 6AS, Tool-less, Shutter included

Keystone jack RJ45, screened, SCS6AS, 25 years system warranty.
GSCAT6AL-S24, Rev.00, Date 2020-11-06

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Standards of reference and applications

IEC 60512-99-002:2019, IEEE Std 802.3bt, EN 50173-1:2018, EN 50173-2:2018, ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA-568.2-D, Category 6A, CE/Delta/ROHS

1000BASE‐T Gigabit Ethernet , 100BASE‐TX Fast Ethernet, 10 Base‐T Ethernet, 622Mbps ATM , 155Mbps ATM



Standard RJ45 footprint
High quality die cast housing
Fast, easy, reliable termination
Clear IDC termination colour coding
Suitable for foil and braided screen cables
Suitable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet application
Wiring Specifications T568A & T568B
25 Years System Warranty



Installed without tools. The wires are arranged in color order to the locking adapter and the extra wire is cut with side cutters. The wire holder is inserted onto the connector and the locking covers are closed with your fingers.
Installation instructions.

Conductor :  
23-26 AWG
Round cable outer diameter :  5.5 – 9.0 mm
Insertion force : max. 30N (IEC 60603-7-5)
Retention strength : 7.7 kg
Mating cycles : min. 750


Installation Features

Store at  -40 to +85 °C
Install at  -0 to +50 °C
Operate at : -10 to +60 °C
Fitting : keystone jack



Dimensions : 16,8 x 37,8 x 21,0 mm
Material :  zinc die-casting with nickel plated
Ohjurin kansi : PC plastic, UL 94-V2, white
Ohjuri : PC UL 94V-2
PCB : FR4, UL 94-V0
Contacts : nickel-plated phosphor bronze, gold plated 50 μm
IDC housing : PC plastic, UL 94-V2
IDC terminal : tin-plated phosphor bronze
Shutter : ABS+PC plastic, UL 94-V0, white AWG 23-26 (round or multi-stranded thread)

Color coding: 



Electric characteristics

Voltage : 125 VAC RMS
Current :
1.5 AMP
Resistance :
100 MILLIOHMS (max.)
Insulation Resistance :
500 MΩ min. @ 100 VDC
Dielectric Strength :
1000VAC RMS @ 60Hz, 1 (min.)
PoE :
4PPoE (100W)


Ordering and delivery information

P/NRetail PackagingWholesale PackagingElectric NumberGTIN
GSCAT6AL-S2424 pcs (23x12x5cm, 0,61kg)672 pcs (53x34x35cm, 19,0kg)72 058 756410072058757


Recommended connectivity

System warranty
Indoor cable F/FTP
Cat.6A 4PR HF 500M Dca
DCC6ASTP4PH02 103 01K6FF14D502 343 09included
Indoor cable F/FTP
Cat.6A 2x4PR HF 500M Dca
DCC6AFTP8PH-K6FF24D502 343 08included
Indoor cable U/FTP
Cat.6A 4PR HF 305M Dca
DCC6AFTP4PH-305K6UF14D302 343 05
Indoor cable U/FTP
Cat.6A 4PR HF 500M Dca
DCC6AFTP4PH-50002 103 19K6UF14D502 343 06included
Indoor cable U/FTP Cat.6A
2X4PR HF 500M Dca
DCC6AFTP8PH-50001 078 00
K6UF24D502 343 07included
Indoor cable U/FTP
Cat.6A 4PR HF 305M Cca
APS614C302 331 05K614C302 073 11
Indoor cable U/FTP
Cat.6A 4PR HF 500M Cca
APS614C502 331 06
K614C502 073 09included
Indoor cable U/FTP
Cat.6A 2x4PR HF 500M Cca
APS624C502 331 04
K624C502 073 10included
Indoor/outdoor cable S/FTP Cat.6A 4PR
DCC6ASFTP4PHE02 331 17--not included
Underground Cable U/FTP Cat.6/6A 4PR
W5UF0429EB5002 078 07--not included


Extended System Warranty

The APS System Warranty assures the compliance of the system performance to the applicable class of cabling for a period of 25 years. The warranty may be applied for by an accredited APS Partner who has designed and/or installed the entire system.





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