RE-2X(st)Y- fl multipair instrumentation cable EN 50288-7 500 V

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Store at: 0 to +50 °C
Install at: 0 to +50 °CBend minimum: 10 times V.D.
Operate at: -30 to +70 °CBend minimum: 15 times V.D.


Conductor material: Bare copper stranded conductors acc. to IEC 60228 class 2
Insulation: XLPE (2X) compound – TS EN 50290-2-29
Core identification:
– pairs:
Black, White (Each numbered)
– triples:
Black, White, 
Red (Each numbered) 
Cores twisted to form a pairs/triples
Stranding (Laid up):
Pairs/Triples stranded in layers, PES tape wrapped
Overall screening:
Aluminium Foil in contact with Tinned copper drain wire 0,50 mm2 (7×0,30 mm)
Outer Sheath: PVC compound – TS EN 50290-2-22
Outer sheath colour:
Black, Blue (or on request)

Marking: APS Finland – ww/yy – cable type – 500V – +70°C – IEC60332-1-2 EN50288-7 – P/N – lot# + meter


Environmental properties and Fire Performances

Flame retardant: IEC60332-1-2


Electrical characteristics

Max conductor temperature: +90 °C
Rated Voltage: 500 V
Test voltage: 2,0 kV AC
Insulation resistance: min. 1000 MΩ.km

Capacitance (nF/km) : max. 150 nF/km

Cross section (mm2)0.500.751.
Conductor IEC 60228 class 27x0,307x0,377x0,437x0,507x0,527x0,67
Conductor resistance max.(Ω/km)36.024.518.114.512.17.41
Insulation thickness min.(mm)0.440.440.440.440.44.53
Insulation thickness nom.(mm)0.600.
L/R Ratio (µH/Ω) 252525404060



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