RA19 Network Cabinets 19″ Wall Mount

Network Cabinet, 19″, Wall Mount, Glass Door
RA19WM Rev.00, Date 2018-03-07

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  • 4U to 27U high
  • 450 and 600 mm deep
  • Glass door
  • Grey White or Black colour
  • Welded frame,stable structure with precise craftsmanship
  • Single section,compatible with 19″ standard equipments
  • Tempered glass front door with over 180 turning degree
  • Removable side panel with latch,easy to install and maintain(optional lock)
  • Cable entry on the top cover and bottom panel with knock-out plate
  • L-shaped mounting profile,easy to fix on the wall
  • Various optional accessories for common using



Standards of reference and applications

ANSI/EIA‐310‐E, IEC 60297‐2, DIN 41494 Part 1 & 7.

Telecommunication, LAN, FTTx Cabling, CCTV.


Installation Features

Store at  +10 to +50 °C
Install at  0 to +50 °C
Operate at : -10 to +70 °C



Material :  SPCC Cold Rolled Steel
Door :  tempered glass (alternatively steel) 
19″ rails :
  2.0mm thick

Frame :  2.0mm thick
Side panels :  1.0mm thick
Colour :
  standard Black RAL9004 (optional grey or white)


Ordering and delivery information

Unit countWidthDepthHeightNom. weight (kg)Code Flat-PackAssembled
4U60045024015RA19WM6404GDBYesUpon request
6U60045033019RA19WM6406GDBYesUpon request
9U60045046522RA19WM6409GDBYesUpon request
12U60045060025RA19WM6412GDBYesUpon request
15U60045073029RA19WM6415GDBYesUpon request
18U60045086033RA19WM6418GDBYesUpon request
22U60045099737RA19WM6422GDBYesUpon request
27U600450122045RA19WM6427GDBYesUpon request
4U60060024016RA19WM6604GDBYesUpon request
6U60060033019RA19WM6606GDBYesUpon request
9U60060046522RA19WM6609GDBYesUpon request
12U60060060026RA19WM6612GDBYesUpon request
15U60060073030RA19WM6615GDBYesUpon request
18U60060086033RA19WM6618GDBYesUpon request
22U600600101238RA19WM6622GDBYesUpon request
27U600600128149RA19WM6627GDBYesUpon request


Recommended connectivity

Patch panels for copper cabling :  PPE24SU
Patch panels for fiber optic cabling : ODF124SCS, ODF124SCS and generally all LIIN-25 series

Cable management :  MCRPAS1, MCRPAS2





Extended System Warranty

The APS System Warranty assures the compliance of the system performance to the applicable class of cabling for a period of 25 years. The warranty may be applied for by an accredited APS Partner who has designed and/or installed the entire system.  Learn about APS System Warranty from here.



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