Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer (FX35)

FSTMFX35 Rev.00, Date 2018-06-14

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  • Real fiber core visualization technology
  • Take only 8 Seconds for Splicing, 25 Seconds for Heating
  • Average Splicing Loss: 0.01d8
  • Up to 330 times of continuous splices and heat
  • Splice 0.25mm/0.9mm/3.0mm/ Flat cable
  • 5.7″Huge Color LCD Monitor
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor splicing
  • Electrode Life: 4,000 times splicing
  • Attached Night Light
  • HD CMOS sensor and HD aligner for duble seperate optical fibers

Designed to meet any FTTH application

FX35 combines the functions of both splicing and heating for those cables which are popular in FTTx: 250µm fber, 900µm fber, flat cable,fber jumper.

Smallest, Lightest and Fastest

Dimensions only 138(W) x160(L)x135(H) mm
Weight only 2.3kg
Splicing time only 8 seconds
Tube heat only 25 seconds.

Powerful Lithium Poylmer Battery with Large Capacity

Performs 330 cycles of fusion splicing and sleeve heating with the standard battery.

Real Core-to Core Alignment

Core-to-Core alignment system; keep the ultra-low splicing loss; fiber identification, AUTO splicing mode; display the real fiber core.


Technical specifications

AlignmentIPAS Core to Core Al ig nment ( I mage Pattern Analysis Alignment System)
Applicable fibersSMF (ITU-T G.652), MMF (ITU- T G.651), DSF (ITU-T G.653) , NZDSF (ITU- G.655) , EDFA, E1980, Splicing available with different type fiber(SM/MM), ITU-T G.657
Compatible Fiber Cable0.25mm / 0.9mm / 3.0mm / Flat / Drop cable
Fiber cleave length250 µm (Coat) : 8 - 16mm, 900 µm : 16mm
Typical splice lossSMF : 0.02dB , MMF : 0 . 01dB , DSF :0.04dB, NZDSF : 0 . 04dB
Return lossLess then -60dB
Splice TimeSPLICE : Typical 8sec, Tube Heat : Typical 25sec with S-160(60mm) Tube
ProgramSplice Mode : 100, Heat Mode : 50
Storage of splice result4,000 results
Operating altitudeO - 5000m above sea level
Operating condition-10C to 50C, humidity : 95%, non-condensing
Storage condition- 40C to 80C, humidity : 95% max
ProtectionWind 15 m/s, shock proof, water proof, dust proof
Size and weight138W x160 L x135H (include Monitor), 2.3Kg (include Battery)
TerminalUSB , VGA, External Power
PowerDC 14.8V Battery (7800mAh) , 100 - 240V AC Adapter
Additional powerDC 12V automobile power outlet available
No of splice/Heating with Battery330Cycie , lithium polymer batteries
Electrode4,000 times splicing without exchange
Mechanical proof test2N / 4.4N (OPTION)
DisplayTwo CMOS cameras and 5.7" colour LCD monitor
Fiber view and magnificationX/Y 300X , 170X


Ordering and delivery information

Arc Fusion SplicerFSTMFX351
AC AdapterFSTMFX351AD1
Fiber StripperFSTMKFS3FIS1
Spare ElectrodesFSTMFX35E1
Batt PackFSTMFX35B1
Alcohol BottleFSTMKAB2501
Cleaning WipesFSTMKCW100100
Flat Cable StripperFSTMKDC11
Cooling TrayFSTMS131
Fiber Cleaver (built-in Scrap Catcher)FSTMKFC331
Carrying Case-1
Protection Sleeves (60rnrn) FSTMFP60200
Calibration CertificateFSTMBl051





Extended System Warranty

The APS System Warranty assures the compliance of the system performance to the applicable class of cabling for a period of 25 years. The warranty may be applied for by an accredited APS Partner who has designed and/or installed the entire system.



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