MPO/MTP Patch Panel 19″ 1U, 144 fibers MPO to LC, loaded (STD)

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Standards of reference, features and applications

  • EIA19″; 1U; 144 fibers
  • Designed for MDA, IDA or HDA data centres; 
  • Very high density capabilities;
  • Suitable for MPO and MTP;
  • Modular design;
  • Sliding modules.



Storage and installation

Store at  -0 to +70 °C
Install at  -0 to +50 °C
Operate at : -20 to +60 °C
Fitting : designed for 1 unit EIA 19″ rack mount.




Material : black powder painted cold rolled steel.
Spray thickness :  80um~100um
Features : modular, 12 modules MPO/MTP to LC.
Fiber capacity : 144 fibers with LC adapters.
Size :  18.4 x 38.4 x 25.7 cm, 1 Unit
Accessories :  cable management and labels included.



Optical Parameters
Insertion Loss (dB)SM StandardSM EliteMM StandardMM Elite
Return Loss (dB)≥60≥20
Durability  (dB)≤0.2   500 times mating
Tensile Strength (kgf)10
Working Temperature (°C)-20 ~ +70
Measurement Wavelength (nm)1310850
Geometry Parameters
Radius of Curvature (mm)50050
Polishing Angle0-0.20+0.28-0.28+0.2
Fiber Height (nm)10003000
Max Fiber Height Error (nm)600
Adjacent Fiber Height Error (nm)-300+300
Avg. Fiber Height Error (nm)-300+300
Central Concave (nm)300
LC/SC/FC Fiber Connector
Fiber ModeSingle ModeMM Multimode
Connector PolishingPC          APCPC
Insertion Loss(dB)≤0.3
Return Loss (dB)≥50 ≥60≥35
Repeatability (dB)≤0.2          1000 times mating
Working Temperature (℃)-40 ~+85
Measurement Wavelengths (nm)1310850




Ordering and delivery information

Modules/CassettesFiber countP/NSize [mm]Weight [kg/km]Packaging
12 MPO-to-LC144DCPP191OL144 18.4H x 38.4W x 25.7D2.51 pc/box
12 MTP-to-LC144DCPP191PL144 18.4H x 38.4W x 25.7D2.51 pc/box


Extended System Warranty

The APS System Warranty assures the compliance of the system performance to the applicable class of cabling for a period of 25 years. The warranty may be applied for by an accredited APS Partner who has designed and/or installed the entire system. Learn about APS System Warranty from here.



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