MOG FR2XOHRFR 300/500V 6x3x0.80 sqmm, Overall screened, Armored, Fire Retardant Control Cable

Fire Retardant, armoured, multi-triple cable.
FR2XOHRFR6308, 22.04.2022/MS rev.0



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Store at: 0 to +50 °C
Install at: 0 to +50 °CBend minimum: 16 times V.D.
Operate at: -15 to +70 °CBend minimum: 16 times V.D.


Conductor material: plain copper conductor according to IEC60228, Cl.2 or 5, 0.80 mm²
Insulation: PVC extruded compound (-15 + 70°C).  
Lay up: 
three cores are stranded together into a triple. Colors: red, black, white.
Single screen: N/A
Overall screen: applied over total assembly, wrapped with polyester tape and shielded with Aluminum/Mylar tape. 100% coverage and 25% overlap with metal side in contact with a tinned copper drain wire 7×0,30 size 0,5sqmm.
Bedding: Blue PVC, Polyvinylchloride Low Smoke and Fume extruded compound. Nominal thickness 1.0mm
Armour: steel wire, single layer
Outer Sheath:  Blue PVC, Polyvinylchloride Low Smoke and Fume extruded compound. Nominal thickness 1.0mm.

Marking: APS Finland – ww/yy – ARMOURED FIRE RETARDANT CONTROL CABLE FR2XOHRFR 6x3x0.80 – 300/500V – PVC +70°C – IEC60332-3-24 EN50288-7 – P/N – lot + meter


Environmental properties and Fire Performances

Flame retardant: IEC60332-3-24, CEI 20-22/3
Smoke emissions and fume: IEC60754-1, CEI 20-37
HCL emission: <= 22


Electrical characteristics

Max operating Voltage: 500V
Inductance: <= 0,9 mH/Km
Capacitance: <= 0,250 microF/Km
Conductor resistance: 24,5 ohm/Km ( + 5% for multipair)

Test voltage core to core: 2 Kv


Ordering and delivery information

TypeP/NNom. O.D [mm]
Nom. weight [kg/km]Packaging
6 x 3 x 0.8 mmFR2XOHRFR6308 21.5 mm985500m (+/-5%)


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