MOG Cat.7 S/FTP 4 pairs AWG23/1 SHF2, Armoured

EMC screened, solid conductor, SHF2, Fire Retardant IEC60332-3-22 Cat.A, Armoured GSWB, TCWB or BWB
O7SF4P23F1_2, 23.02.2021/AP rev.0
Type Approval: DNV TAE000004E_R4

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Store at : -0 to +50 °C
Install at : -10 to +50 °CBend minimum : 20 times O.D.
Operate at : -30 to +80 °CBend minimum : 15 times O.D.
Pull maximum : 100N




Conductor : solid bare copper 0.575mm
Insulation : Cellular polyolefin Ø1.5mm
Pair : 2 insulated conductors stranded together into a pair
Colour code : 1.White/blue 2.White/orange 3. White/green 4.White/brown (IEC 708-1)
Screen 1 : Aluminium/polyester or Aluminium/polyester/aluminium tape over each single pair
Screen 2 : tinned copper wire braid
Inner jacket : Grey Fire Retardant SHF1 material, LSZH (nominal Ø 8.3mm)
Armour : Galvanized steel, tinned copper or bronze wire braid. Coverage ≥80%.
Outer jacket : Grey RAL7035 Fire Retardant and UV Resistant SHF2 material, LSZH (nominal thickness 1.0mm)
Marking : APS Finland – ww/yy – ARMOURED S/FTP 4x2xAWG23/1 Cat.7 SHF2 – IEC60332-3-22 Cat A – lot + m



Environmental properties and Fire Performances

Degree of acidity of gases : IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2 (pH value ≥ 4,3 and Conductivity ≤10μS/mm) 
Halogen acid gas : IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2 (Halogen acid gas emission ≤ 0.5%) 
Smoke Emission : IEC 61034-2, EN 50268-2 (Transmittance) ≥ 60%) 
Toxicity of evolved gas : EN50305 9.2 
Flame retardant : IEC 60332-1-2 
Fire retardant : IEC 60332-3-22 Cat.A 
Ozone resistant : IEC60811-2-1, DIN VDE 0472 part 805 B 
LSZH SHF2 : IEC 60092-360 
Oil resistant : IEC60811 
Water absorption : IEC60811-1-3 
UV resistant : IEC60811-2-1, ASTM-D-2565-92A 
Cold bend & impact : CSA C22.2, UL44 



Electrical characteristics (IEC 60811, EN 50288-4-2)

Test voltage : 0.7kV a.c. for 1 minute
Resistance of the conductor @ 20°C : ≤ 69,5 /km
Insulation resistance : ≥ 5GΩxkm
Nominal Capacitance @ 800÷1000MHz : 45 pF/m
Average characteristic impedance : 100 ± 15 Ω @ 100MHz Transfer impedance : ˂ 30 mΩ/m @ 10MHz


Frequency (MHz) :1410162031.2562.51001552003004005006009001000
Attenuation dB/100m (typical)
NEXT dB (typical)1051051051051051051031009895939087858180
ACR dB/100m10310210098989689837671735548412622
ELFEXT dB/100m (typical)95939291908682777370676462605350
Return Loss dB (typical)25283030303030302826252423232120



Ordering and delivery information 

Pair count, Armour typeP/NO.D [mm]Weight [kg/km]Packaging
4 pairs, GSWBO7SF4P23F1A211.4140drum 500m (+/-5%)
4 pairs TCWBO7SF4P23F1T211.4135drum 500m (+/-5%)
4 pairs, BWBO7SF4P23F1B211.4150drum 500m (+/-5%)


Recommended connectivity 

Keystone jack : KJ6ASTPNH
RJ45 plug : P456SAPS
Panel : OPPE24SU, PPE24SU
Patchcords : PCMJ6S_ 


Other standards of reference


IEC 60092-370 Electrical installations in ships: Guidance on the selection of cables for telecommunication and data.
IEC 60092-360Electrical installations in ships: Insulating and sheating materials for shipboard and offshore units. 
DNV TAP 827.50/2Type Approval Program
ABS SVRRules for building and classing. Steel Vessels.
ABS SMRRules for building and classing. Steel vessels under 90 meters.
CEI EN 50288-1Multi-element metallic used in analogue and digital communication and control : Generic Specification
CEI EN 50288-2-1Setional specification for screened cables characterised up to 100MHz
CEI EN 50288-5-1Setional specification for screened cables characterised up to 250MHz
CEI EN 50288-4-2Setional speci cation for screened cables characterised up to 600MHz
CEI EN 50289 seriesCommunication cables - Specifications for test methods
IEC 60811Insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables - Test method
Standards EIA/TIA 568-C.2, ISO/IEC 11801, UL444, UL1581, UL1666
Applications 100Base-TX, 100Base-T, 100VG-AnyLAN, 1000Base-TX, ATM








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