LMR400 RF coaxial cable 50 Ohm, PE

Non-armoured, 50 Ohm, PE jacket
LMR400PE, 30.03.2022/AP rev.0


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Store at: -0 to +60 °C
Install at: 0 to +50 °CBend minimum: 10xO.D.  
Operate at: -40 to +85 °CBend minimum: 15xO.D. 




Conductor: copper clad aluminium wire, nom. Ø 2.74 mm 
Dielectric: foam PE, nom. Ø 7.24 mm
Screen 1:
 aluminium foil 
Screen 2: tinned copper clad aluminium braid (nom. coverage 90%) 
Outer jacket: black PE material, nom. Ø 10.29 mm 
Marking: APS Finland – ww/yy – LMR400 50 OHM COAXIAL CABLE – +85°C – P/N – lot + meter


Electrical characteristics

Impedance: 50 ± 3 ᘯ 
Capacitance: 78 pF/m nominal
DC resistance, inner conductor: 4.69 Ohm/km
DC resistance, outer conductor: 10.2 Ohm/km
Test voltage: 2500 V
Jacket spark test voltage (rms): 4000 V
Maximum frequency: 16.20 GHz
Operating frequency band: 30 – 6000 MHz

Attenuation (typical)



Ordering and delivery information

TypeP/NO.D [mm]Weight [kg/km]Packaging
LMR400 PELMR400PE10.29149500m or 1000m (+/-5%)






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