LIOVH OPGW Optical Ground Wire up to 24 cores type B1-63

Optical Ground Wire, 2-24 cores, Single Mode, type B1-63, LIOVH.
OPGWB163 Rev.00, Date 2017-10-09

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SUS AL tube
AA wire
Right Hand Z-stranding


Standards of reference and applications
IEC, IEEE, DL/T 832-2003, GB/T 7424.4-2003 standards

Installation Features

Store at  -40 to +60 °C
Install at  -10 to +50 °C, Bend minimum  262 mm
Operate at  -40 to +80 °C, Bend minimum  157 mm



Optical fiber : 125/250μm Single Mode G652.D or G.655
Fiber Buffer : Central SUS Tube / AL-Tube diameter 3.0/5.2 mm
Layer 1 : 9 wires AS/AA diameter 2.65 mm


Mechanical properties

Supporting Cross Section :       63.8 mm2
Section of AS Wire :  49.6 mm2
Section of AL tube :  14.2 mm2
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) :  56.8 kN
Rate Tensile Strength (RTS) :  51.6 kN
Modulus of Elasticity (E-Modulus) :  121.3 kN/mm2
Thermal Elongation Coefficient :  14.4 Å~10-6 /℃
Permissible Maximum Working Stress (40% RTS) :  323.7 N/mm2
Everyday Stress( EDS) (18%~25% RTS) :  145.7 ~202.3 N/mm2
Ultimate Exceptional Stress (70% RTS) :  566.5 N/mm2
DC Resistance :  0.789 Ω/km
Short Time Current (0.5s, 40℃ ~200℃ ) :  7.7 kA
Short Time Current Capacity I²t :  29.3 kA²s
Ratio between Pull and Weight :  14.8 km


Colour code of fibers

BlueOrangeGreenBrownGreyWhiteRed BlackYellow VioletRoseAqua
Blue/BlackOrange/BlackGreen/BlackBrown/BlackGrey/BlackWhite/BlackRed/BlackNatural Yellow/Black Violet/BlackRose/BlackAqua/Black


Fiber Optic characteristics

See detailed specification of optical fibers.


Ordering and delivery information

Fiber CountPart NumberCentral tubeFibers per tube1st layer (no of tubes)O.D. (mm)Weight (kg/km)Packaging

xx = fiber type                  ex. G652D=S2, G655=S5



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