LIACC Universal Pole Bracket (UPB)

UPB Rev.01, Date 2018-06-11

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Main Features

  • Made from aluminum alloy;
  • High mechanical strength;
  • Working load 5000 N;
  • Universal fitting suitable for wooden, metal or concrete poles.

Design and specifications

Material : metal alloy
Weight : 0.2 kg

Packing : 30 pcs in a carton box.
P/N : UPB.








Installation with steel bands

The UPB bracket can be installed on any type of pole – drilled or undrilled – with two 20×0.7mm stainless steel bands SB207 plus two buckles B20 (check our pole banding products). Usually allow two bands of one meter each per bracket.

Installation with bolts

 If the top of the pole is drilled (wooden poles, occasionally concrete poles) the UPB bracket can also be secured with a 14 or 16 mm bolt. The bolt length should be at least equal to the pole diameter + 50 mm (bracket thickness). Check our bolts.







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