SSTRAP20 SBUCKL20, Rev.00, Date 2018-08-04

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The stainless steel strap and the buckles are used to strap and secure the APS J-hook clamp for ADSS cables to wooden, round concrete and polygonal metallic poles. The APS metal straps are of superior quality, durable and resistant to wear, highly resistant to corrosion and to tensile stress. 



Design and specifications (strap)

Material :  201/304/316 stainless steel
Width  : 1/4″(6.35mm),  3/8″(9.53mm), 1/2″(12.70mm),  5/8″(15.88mm),  3/4″(19.05mm)
Thickness :  0.016″ (0.40mm),  0.020″ (0.50mm),  0.025″ (0.63mm),  0.028″ (0.70mm),  0.030″(0.76mm)
Packing :  100ft/roll (30.5m) or 50m/roll
Packaging :  cardboard box or plastic dispenser

Material, buckle :  stainless steel
Compatibility :  strap width 3/4″/19.05mm, thickness 1.5/1.8mm
Packing :  100 pcs
Packaging :  cardboard box


Installation : example











Ordering and delivery information

Model P/NPackaging
Stainless steel strap 20mmSSTRAP20CxCardboard box
Stainless steel strap 20mmSSTRAP20DxPlastic dispenser
x = length =3=30.5m, 5=50m
Stainless steel buckle 20mmSBUCKL20Cardboard box



Recommended connectivity

Clamps :  APS clamps types ANC
Hooks :  APS hook type JHOOK
Cables :  APS ADSS cables





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