LIACC J-hook suspension clamp

JHOOK, Rev.00, Date 2018-06-26

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 The suspension clamp is used for the direct suspension of round fiber optic ADSS cables with Ø 8.0 to 20.0 mm on short spans (max 100m) at intermediate poles on straight routes.

Design and specifications

Material, J-hook :  hot dip galvanised steel
Material, Sleeve :  neoprene
Material, screw :  steel
Breaking load :  5 000N
Weight :  0.8 kg
Packing :  20 pcs/carton



Installation : suspended from a hook bolt

The clamp can be installed on a 14mm or 16mm hook bolt on drilled wood poles.














Installation : secured with pole banding

The clamp can be installed on wood poles, round concrete poles and polygonal metallic poles using one or two 20mm pole bands and two buckles.













Installation : bolted

 The clamp can be secured with a 14mm or 16mm bolt on drilled wood poles.










Ordering and delivery information

P/NCable O.D.







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