LIACC Anchoring clamps (ANC)

ANC Rev.00, Date 2018-03-113

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ANC anchoring clamps are made of one opened conical fibre glass reinforced body, a pair of plastic wedges and a flexible bail. Different sizes offer a wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistances to fit the various ADSS cable designs.

The ADSS series of anchoring clamps allow an easy and quick securing of Ø 8 to 20 mm aerial circular fibre optic cables (ADSS) on short spans (up to 150 meters).

Design and specifications

Body :  UV Protected Thermoplastic
Bail :  Stainless steel
Breaking load :  5 000N
Weight :  0.4 kg












Installation – single dead-ending

Made of 1 anchoring clamp + 1 universal pole bracket (UPB)










Installation – double dead-ending

Made of 2 anchoring clamp + 1 universal pole bracket (UPB)










Ordering and delivery information

P/NCable O.D.







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