LIACC Access Distribution Box (ADBI2) up to 6 trays (12 fibers/tray)

Access Distribution Box, 6 trays, unloaded, SC and LC.
ADBI2OWP61224, Rev.01, Date 2018-07-14

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Standards of reference and applications

  • Subscriber Access
  • Fiber-to-the-x
  • Telecommunication, WAN


Main Features

  • Dust-proof design, IP54 protection
  • Integrated splice cassette and cable/fiber management
  • Suitable for both fusion and mechanical splice
  • up to 6 trays (12/24 fibers per tray)
  • Designed for 20 years lifetime

Installation Features

Store at -0 to +70 °C
Install at -0 to +50 °C
Operate at -40 to +70 °C


Design and specifications

Material : plastic, flame retardant V0
Colour : black
Cables holders :plastic, flame retardant V0
Seal material (box) :
Seal material (ports) : Rubber
Protection rating : IP54

Entry ports and cable diameter (max) : 2 x 25mm rubber grommets
Output ports and cable diameter (max) : 5 x 15mm rubber grommets
Max no of splice trays : 6
Splice capacity of each tray :
12/24 fo
Type of adaptors: SC Simplex or LC Duplex
Max no of adaptors : 24 SC

Cover open fixed position : 90 and 180 degrees
Lock type : key lock with dust proof cover
Mount : wall or pole

Size : 245*296*94.5 mm
P/N : ADBI2OWP61224S (w/o lock)
P/N : ADBI2OWP61224L (w/o lock)

Locking mechanism

Opening mechanism


Trays specification

Part No.Splice tray SET612PLC Splitter tray SRT
Splice capacity12/24 FO6/12 FO
Suitable sleeve40-45mm40-45mm
Splice moduleFixedRemovable
Splitter typeN/AMicro PLC Splitter
Bend radius≥30mm≥30mm
Plastic covertop tray onlytop tray only
Transparent coverall trays except the top oneall trays except the top one



Recommended connectivity

Adaptors : all LIIN-25 adaptors SC and LC (UPC or APC), SM and MM
Pigtails : all LIIN-25 pigtails SC and LC (UPC or APC), SM and MM
Patchcords : all LIIN-25 patchcords SC and LC (UPC or APC), SM and MM








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