LGX Series : Optical Distribution Frame 3U and modules 12 ports, LIIN25

LGX series Rev.00, Date 2018-08-06

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  • EIA/TIA 19’’ standard rack mount
  • 3U chassis, 12 modules   
  • Up to 144 cores 
  • Indoor use 
  • Adapter plates available: SC, LC, FC, ST.


Standards of reference and applications

  • FTTx and Access Networks
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • CATV Networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • Passive Optical Networks (PON)

Installation Features

Store at  +10 to +50 °C
Install at  0 to +50 °C 
Operate at : -40 to +85 °C 



Material :  cold-roll steel, painted (electrostatic) 
Colour :  white (other colours available upon request )
Number of modules :  12
Max capacity :  144 (by SC SX) or 288 (by LC DX)
Dimension :  483*225*134 mm


Material (frame) :  cold-roll steel, white painted (electrostatic)
Material (tray) :  ABS plastic, grey colour

Number of ports :  12
Max capacity :  12 (by SC SX) or 24 (by LC DX)
Dimension :  225*129*35 mm


Ordering and delivery information

LGX Chassis3U Rack Mount, 12 LGX modules, unloadedLGX3RUPU483×225×134 mm
LGX Module 12 adapters, unloadedLGXMO12U225×129×35 mm

For chassis and modules loaded with pigtails and adaptors, please contact the nearest representative.

Recommended connectivity

Cables : APS LIIN-25 series 
Adapters : APS LIIN-25 series
Patch Panels : APS LIIN-25 series

Extended System Warranty

The APS System Warranty assures the compliance of the system performance to the applicable class of cabling for a period of 25 years. The warranty may be applied for by an accredited APS Partner who has designed and/or installed the entire system. Learn about APS System Warranty from here.



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