LC Flexi Cleaner Refillable

LCFCRO1 of 16.08.2018, Rev.0


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  • Fiber network panels and assemblies 
  • Outdoor FTTX applications 
  • Cable assembly production facilities Testing laboratories 
  • Servers, switches, routers and OADMS with LC interface 
  • Easy pushing motion engages connector and initiates cleaner 
  • The Fiber Optic FLEXI Cleaners are dry cloth cleaners specially designed to clean connections residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. 

The Cleaners are simple to use and highly effective at removing oil and dust contaminants that can negatively impact optical performance. Each cleaner has a reel of cleaning cloth that automatically rotates after each clean. This means that the optimum cleaning material is always available when it is needed. 

Mechanical data

Material Plastic
Compatible connectors MPO and MTP connectors (plug & port)
Compatible end face LC and MU connectors
Compatible end face PC or APC
Number of uses >750 times



Testing IEC 62627




Ordering information

Description P/N
LC Flexi Cleaner for 750 cleaning cycles LCFCRO1
LC Flexi Cleaner refill cartridges (3 x cartridges) LCFCRO1R3






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