BBU/RRU Outdoor Fiber Cord type PDLC, LC Duplex, SM G657A1 (LITTA)

2xG657A1, FTTA, IP67, BBU_RRU.
PDLC2U Rev.01, Date 2018-07-01

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  • Single Mode and Multi Mode
  • UPC and APC polishing 
  • Low Insertion/return loss
  • Test Certificate on each single bag
  • ISO9001, RoHS Compliant
  • Batch number tracking
  • Pull proof
  • IP67 protection

Standards of reference and applications

  • ITU.T G652.D, ISO/IEC 11801, EIA/TIA 568 B.3, IEC60874, IEC EN 61754-4, EN 61754-20, EN 61755-3-2, EN 61755-2-2/B, EN 61755-2-2/1, EN-50173-1
  • Telecommunication, FTTH, FTTA


Installation Features

Store at  +10 to +50 °C
Install at  0 to +50 °C 
Operate at : -30 to +70 °C 


Cable specification

Optical fiber :  125/250μm, Single or Multi Mode
Buffer :  900μm tight, colour coded
Fiber count :  Duplex
Jacket :  LSZH nom. Ø2.0mm
Cable core :  2 sub-units stranded together with 2 x 2.0mm fillers
Outer jacket :  LSZH nom. Ø 6.9mm


Fiber CountCable O.D.Cable WeightTensileTensileCrushCrushMin. Bend RadiusMin. Bend Radius
Long termShort termLong termShort termDynamicStatic
26.9 mm42.3 kg/km200N400N1100 N/100mm2200 N/100mm20 x OD10 x OD


Optical Fiber specification

DispersionPs/nm.km1285~1330nm ≤3.5
1550nm ≤18.0
Zero dispersion wavelengthNm1300~1324
Zero dispersion slopePs/≤0.095
Fiber cutoff wavelengthNm≤1260
Mode field diameterUm9.2±0.5
Mode field concentricityUm<=0.8
Cladding diameterum125±1.0
Cladding non-circularity%≤1.0
Coating/cladding concentricity errorUm≤12.5
Coating diameterum245±10
bending, dependence induced attenuation1550nm, 1 turns, 32mm diameter
1550nm, 100 rums, 60mm diameter
≤0.5 db
Proof testkpsi≥100



Connector specification

Connector typeDLC/UPC . PDLC
Insertion Loss<=0.3db
Return Loss>=50db
Fiber modeSingle mode G657A1
Operating wavelength1310nm, 1550nm
Test wavelength1310nm, 1550nm
Fiber LengthAccording to requirements
Operating Temperature-40C ~ +85C
Storage Temperature-40C ~ +85C


End A – plug structure







End B – connector structure








Ordering and delivery information

PDLC 2 x G657A1 LSZH LC/UPCPDLC2U 71 000
If a different fiber type is needed...PDLC2U ff 000
PDLC 2 x G657A1 LSZH LC/APCPDLC2U 71 000
If a different fiber type is needed...PDLC2U ff 000

ff = fiber type = S2=G652D, 71=G657A1, M1=OM1, M2=OM2, M3=OM3, M4=OM4, M5=OM5
000 = length (ex 050 for 50 meters)









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